Final Video

Link to see the final video for Industry Brief: SONDER (password: industry)coffee3


Colour Grading

Now when I have most of the footage on the timeline and I’m able to edit it to the music and voiceover. Also, I’m testing the color grading. I’m trying to achieve the effect of washed out colors with less contrast. I created an adjustment layer with the color grading that I can customize.



Second and next shooting…




I came back to Sonder to film the actress and the environment in the coffee shop. The shot through the window looks really interesting. Unfortunately, I forgot to film two other scenes that I wanted to include in the film so I might remove them from my film or try to do them some other time if I have time. Now the last thing to film is the owner of the coffeeshop driving to work. I planned to film it before the Christmas break but because of the busy time, I may not be able to do that. I was also asked to film another project for the same client that has to be finished just before Christmas and that is why we agreed to postpone the deadline for the ad.



First Shooting in SONDER


Just before the first shooting, I created an animatic storyboard that helped me realized that I’m missing few frames and need to change the order of the shots. Animatic storyboard is a great way to test the storyboard and the sound together and make some decisions just before the shooting.

I came to Sonder in the morning before any customer appeared. I didn’t plan to include any random customers in the film. I filmed food preparation, kitchen staff assembling the dish, some close-ups of the food and other elements of the coffee shop. I decided to do another shooting with an actress so I can film her by the table. After the first shooting, I was ready to start putting the footage on the timeline.



The second voiceover was recorded the day after presenting the first edited version on the 27th of November. The second version sounds more relaxed and the tempo is more appropriate for the client’s character. Again I edited the voiceover and added the background music (Summer’s Gone) which then became to slow and didn’t fit the overall composition.  I needed to replace the background music and after long searching I finally found  River of Reflections. ‘River of Reflections’ has the right bpm that matches the voiceover and also has elements of the piano that I was going to implement in the video.